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                                                                                    11 January 2011


District 5020 Distribution of Five Rotaract Clubs (+one in planning)


Rotary Club                                                                    School/Rotaract Club


Vancouver Island:

            Nanaimo                                                              U of Vancouver Island/Mid Island Rotaract

            Victoria                                                                U of Victoria


Western Washington:

            Tacoma #8                                                           U of Puget Sound

            East Bremerton                                                   Olympic Community College

            Lacey                                                                     Saint Martin's University

            Centralia, Chehalis & Twin Cities                   Centralia Community College


District Rotaract Committee-Chair (vacant), Allan Neale/Victoria, Roger Meyer/East Bremerton, and Student District Rotaract Rep (Vacant).  Committee also includes the Island Interact Rep, Joan Ryan/Nanaimo.  


General comments:

            *In addition to other officers, each club should have a Membership, and a Public Relations person; each position be mentored by related person/office in sponsoring Rotary club.

            *A school staff person will be the faculty advisor (if required by the college), supported by two advisors from the sponsoring Rotary club.  Bulk of Rotaract club support, e.g., transportation, information on fund raising, etc., is provided by the Rotary club.

            *Usual member age is 18-30 years.  However, person enrolled as student in college may be Rotaract member regardless of age for those clubs meeting on campus, e.g., enrolled for job training.

            *Club may be school-based or community-based.  Community-based may include students and young business community members not yet at Rotarian status.  School policies will determine if community-based, including non-students, may meet on campus.

            *Suggested sources of members for Rotaract: Foreign exchange students on campus (often very knowledgeable of Rotaract from their home countries), former high school Interactors, students whose parent(s) are Rotarians.

            *Suggest at least one-half Rotaract club project time be campus-related, and remainder can be in support of sponsoring Rotary club projects.


                        Joan Ryan, District Youth Services Chair,