Youth Protection - FAQs

Do all Rotarians in the Club need to complete a Criminal Background/Records Check? No, only those who are in the process of individual certification need criminal background checks.

Can the Club President be the Club YPO? No, there need to be at least two Rotarians in the Club who oversee youth protection.

Do we have to have a Club Youth Services Chair? No, if your club does Interact, EarlyAct, Rotaract, RYLA, or any youth program associated with a school, the chair of that program can be entered by the club president-elect as the Club Youth Services Chair on the annual Club Certification Application.  If your club does not have any youth programs, you do not need a Club Youth Services Chair and your club president-elect can enter your club YPO as the Club Youth Services Chair.

I did the online YPA training, but my results aren't listed.  What happened?  This is almost always due to one of the following four things:  (1) The individual used a link forwarded to them by someone else (2) The individual used a link to the NAYEN sample training course (3) The individual didn't hit 'Congratulations' at the end of the quiz.

Where are the records stored?  For Youth Exchange, the records are stored in YEAH (the Youth Exchange Administrative Hub).   For all other Rotary Youth programs, the data is stored in the Youth Volunteer Management (YVM) system.  There is no personal identifying information on the records themselves, they are all keyed to a record identifier in the WESSEX YPA system.  Only the Club YPO has access to your Club-level information.  The District YPO and assistant YPO have access to all records.  

Why do the records need to be stored?  The data is stored in these two locations to provide relatively easy access to Rotary International or local law enforcement in the event of an incident.

How long is the data stored?   The data is currently being retained indefinitely.  The reason for that is that allegations of sexual abuse and harassment can take years to surface.  We want to ensure that we have records on all individuals who have worked with youth in District 5020 Youth Programs. 

Does our Club Interact Advisor need to be individually certified?   Yes, any individual who works in a Rotary Youth Program who has more than casual contact in a group setting with youth or is in a leadership role needs to be individually certified.  This includes Interact Advisors, RYLA counselors and leaders, EarlyAct advisors, and Rotarian mentors.

Do I need to complete the online training each year?   No, the online Youth Protection Awareness training is currently only required once.

How often do I need to be individually certified?  If you're involved in Rotary Youth Exchange on the US side, you need to complete your CBC and Local Coordinator training annually. All individuals involved with Rotary Youth Exchange need to completely recertify every 3 years.  

Currently, all other Rotarians and Volunteers who are individually certified only need to complete the process once.  That will probably change to every 3 years when the District Policy is updated later this year.