Simplified Youth Protection
Youth Protection is important in Rotary and Club Certification is how we protect our youth (see the process overview below).
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Club Certification Process Overview:
  1. The Club President-Elect identifies the Club YPO and Club Youth Services Chair.
  2. The Club President-elect, Club YPO and Club Youth Services Chair then click to indicate that they intend to comply with District 5020 and Rotary International policies on Youth Protection.  This is the Club Certification Acknowledgement (CCA).
  3. The Club President-elect, Club YPO and Club Youth Services Chair complete individual certification.
  4. All other Rotarians or other volunteers in the Club who have more than casual contact with youth in a Rotary Program complete individual certifications.
  5. The goal is that all Rotarians and other volunteers in the Club complete online Youth Protection Awareness training.
*Casual Contact:  Persons having casual contact (incidental and infrequent group contact) are persons not directly responsible for the youth but who may provide incidental transportation or invite a youth to an event such as dinner, movie, sports event, weekend activity, or travel approved by the Host Family and YEO if youth is Rotary Youth Exchange Student. Once again, casual contact must be infrequent and incidental so that a regular pattern is not developed. Further, casual contact must take place in a group setting with no reasonably foreseeable risk of abuse or harassment.