Public Relations and Communications Committee: This Committee is established to serve two communities : the internal one made up of member Clubs and the external one; the residents of the communities in which the clubs are located.

Therefore, the role of the Public Relations and Communications Committee of District 5020 is to promote an effective communications program that will benefit all clubs and Rotarians within the district. Of equal importance, the committee will establish a network among the clubs to promote awareness and raise Rotary's profile within the external public of the service and good works of those clubs.

To serve the internal community:
  • A District Directory and Resource Guide will be published each year and distributed to every club and members of the District Council and be placed on the District Website.
  • A District Governor's Newsletter will be published and distributed electronically through the District website with a periodicity determined by the District Governor, monthly being most likely
  • A District website will be maintained to provide a resource of information on a number of Rotary subjects of interest to clubs and Council members. The website will be the responsibility of the District Webmaster who may recruit the services of others to assist to keep the website up to date and dynamic.
  • Help promote attendance by Rotarians at the annual Rotary International Convention and the District Conference.

To serve the external community and the interests of Rotary:

  • A Public Relations Network made up of club PR Committee Chairs and PR Directors will be employed to provide motivation and share ideas among clubs to help raise the clubs' profile in their communities. Members of the network, coached by members of the district committee will be encouraged to attend the annual District Training Assembly to learn the skills they need to develop a relationship with the media and to employ proven PR tools.
  • Provide advice on PR to the District Conference Committee to promote the event in the host community by engaging members of the municipal, State and Provincial governments, the Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau and related organizations to raise awareness of the event and the attendant benefits that will accrue to the host community by the presence of several hundred Rotarians in their midst for a weekend.