District Governor 2019/2020

Maureen Fritz-Roberts
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Maureen Fritz-Roberts - District Governor 2019-2020

Like you, Maureen Fritz-Roberts (Mo) has seen the world change in numerous ways over the years. Even as Rotary has adapted to those changes, the core meaning of Rotary has remained the same- service, high ethical standards, personal commitment.

No matter what the changes and no matter what the core meaning, Mo’s mantra has remained the same: membership is still the most important thing in Rotary.

Born in a small northern Alberta community she learned the value of being a volunteer at an early age. She was introduced to the network of Rotary through her husband Dale and was determined to join one day. There was just a small hurdle to overcome in her quest to become a Rotarian. Back then, Rotary was a male only organization. Rotary changed.

Since joining the Rotary Club of Comox, she has been club membership chair, district membership chair, club president (in that order), district visioning chair and an instructor at PETS and at the Rotary Leadership Institute. There was a time when you couldn’t take on a district chair position unless you were a club president first, but a DG took a chance on her. Rotary changed.

Mo is currently the practice manager for a non-contentious law office. Together, Dale and Mo have owned several businesses together. Throughout her career, she has worked with women to help them achieve their potential through education, skill and sharpening a positive attitude. She readily admits she was the main benefactor, as she ended up working with the quality of employees every other office wanted to poach. Business changed.

She is a major donor and bequest society member of the Rotary Foundation and affiliated with a few Rotary action groups and fellowships. The Rotary Wine Appreciation Fellowship makes for the perfect excuse to meet with Rotarians over a glass of good red wine. She and Dale have been on three National Immunization trips to Ethiopia, hosted several Youth Exchange students and helped the Rotary Club of Comox race a lot of little yellow ducks every Canada Day to raise funds for the community. Some things never change.

Mo and Dale have two children, five grandchildren, a plethora of friends in and out of Rotary all over the world. No matter where they travel Rotary introduces them to new friends. Rotary changes your life.