The general policy for the District covers all Rotary Club Members and Volunteers including:

Rotarians, Rotaract and Interact members, Volunteers who are working on behalf of Rotary at a Rotary-sponsored event Families of Rotarians who are working on behalf of Rotary at a Rotary-sponsored event

You can see the general policy coverage breakdown here. However, some events require special insurance. You can discover what types of events need additional insurance and how to apply on this page.

The Rotary District Insurance Package is designed to cover most of the Rotary Clubs events, however with every insurance policy there are some exceptions. As general liability policies are not designed to cover higher risk event, and the following events are excluded from our district policy and therefore require a separate Event Liability Policy:


      • Multi-Day Festivals (Rib Fests, Music
      • Festivals, Beer & Wine Festivals, etc)
      • Parades, Fairs – Air Shows, Aerial
      • Attraction
      • Amusement Rides, Inflatables
      • Rodeos, Sporting Competitions
      • Beer Gardens/Tents
      • Fireworks, Pyrotechnics – Events involving Watercrafts
      • Events involving Aircrafts


Rotarians are covered when simply providing volunteers at the above mentioned events when the events such as parades, fall fairs, etc are planned by other parties ie the City/Township, another not for profit such as the Chamber of Commerce, Lions Clubs, etc.

Purchasing separate event liability policies is the responsibility of the organizing party. Therefore, when Rotary Clubs are the ones planning these events, they need to contact our broker for a separate event liability policy.


If your event is not listed on the list of excluded events, please contact our broker 15-30 days prior to the event whenever possible and follow these steps:

Wilson M Beck Insurance:

*For optimal service, please email both Rob & Anne at the same time when contacting Wilson M Beck.

  • Provide the name of your Rotary Club and District
  • Provide Date (s) of the event
  • Provide a brief description of the event
    • Some examples of events are: Auction, Fundraising Dinner, Duck Races, Golf Tournament
  • Anticipated number of attendants
  • Whether or not your club is organizing the entire event or simply providing
    • If it is your club: Will there be any Vendors at the event? If so, what type?
  • Who is asking for the Certificate?
    • If no one is asking and the intent is to simply notify the broker of the event no further information is required.
    • If a company, mall, municipality, venue owner etc. is requesting the certificate the following additional information is required:
      • Full legal name of the entity asking for the certificate
      • Their complete mailing address
      • Also if they are requesting to be listed as an “additional insured” they will ask for this when they request a certificate from you. If they do not ask you, don’t ask them.

Event Risk Management Recommendations

Here are some tips to follow when risk management planning for your event:


  • Ensure anyone serving food has their food safe certificate
  • Ensure anyone serving alcohol has their serving it right or an equivalent serving certificate.
  • Collect certificates of all Vendors, and request that they name the Rotary International District 5020, 3650 Island Hwy South, Courtney, BC, V9N 9T8 and your Rotary Club as “Additional Insured” with regards to the event you are planning.
      • Vendors can include, food vendors, alcohol vendors, artisan vendors, product vendors, companies providing security, etc



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